About Builder’s Best

The Company

Builder’s Best is a nationwide high performance manufacturer of quality venting solutions exceeding industry norms. We engineer a full line of safe-quality venting components including dryer venting, bathroom fan venting, fresh air ventilation and general venting. These products are designed to meet specific constraints of each unique situation. Our solutions minimize returns and dissatisfaction from installers and homeowners. We partner with clothes dryer manufacturers to offer safe, adequate and easy to install venting solutions. We also offer industry specific solutions for the HVAC and appliance installation industries.

We are a family-owned business known for quality products manufactured in the USA. We invest in our employees and our facilities so that we can be self-sustaining and therefore react quickly to needs in the market. Our trusted performance means you can rely on our solutions for years of safe, efficient operation.

John Andersen, President
1-8-U-VENT-SAFE (1-888-368-7233)